Thursday, July 14, 2011

First Design Attempt

I spent some of the past days to try myself in designing something. Since I'm a beginner right now with the sewing machine I decided to decorate a white top i bought from H&M.

1. the concept 2. making tiny little black bows 3. everything pinned to the shirt 4. writing the signature

 So now that it's finished I'll show you how I would combine it. As only a few of you would know, I'm also as addicted to dancing as I'm addicted to all this. That's why...


PS: I found an old  analogue camera in the cupboard and shot a lot of photos with it. I'm getting the film developed right now and I can't wait to see them and also show a few to you!


  1. wow, du hast echt talent zum designen ! :)
    achso, es war sehr sehr schön in eastbourne, danke ! :D ♥