Friday, July 29, 2011


Wow, I was out on the streets today an guess what totally struck my eye when I saw it: the car. Looking so vintage but totally out of place in this modern world. However I got to shoot it alone with our old townhall in the background. Looking like an originial old photograph!

Wow, ich war heute mal wieder unterwegs und ratet mal was mir sofort ins Auge gefallen ist, als ich es erblickte: das Auto.
So klassisch altmodisch jedoch total Fehl am Platze in dieser modernen Welt. Dennoch habe ich es alleine mit unserem Rathaus im Hintergrund fotografieren können. Es sieht aus wie eine originale alte Fotoaufnahme!

PS: I decided to translate one of my friend's suggestions (and since there is a high amount of German visitors), to make this blog bilingual. Everything written in grey is German and the black letters stay English. Do you like the idea?

PS: Ich habe mich entschieden eine der Vorschläge von einer Freundin umzusetzen (immerhin habe ich hier auch eine hohe Anzahl an deutschsprachigen Besucher), und diesen Blog zweisprachig zu gestalten. Alles was in grau geschrieben steht ist Deutsch und alle schwarzen Schriften bleiben Englisch. Mögt ihr diese Idee?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Outfit Post Number 1

I was out watching the last part of Harry Potter. WOW, that was an amazing film! I cried a bit, but I hope you can't see that on the pictures I took afterwards for my first exclusive Outfit Post!

Doing this outfit post, I came to another idea. I'm member of now. I'll try myself out there, maybe you can give me some first Hypes?
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Monday, July 25, 2011

We live without limits

A few more pictures from my analogue camera featuring Wioletta and also me.
Shots we took while walking around in our neighbourhood without any plan where actually to go. Hours when we lived just for the moment, just for us and just for our passions.

I love and miss you Wioletta :)


Saturday, July 23, 2011

"This one smells like strawberry"

Like I promised. First pictures from my analogue camera and also the "berry field special" (click here to get there).
My sisterblog owner Wioletta and me went on a little trip to a near berry field. It was a day I won't forget. 

PS: The special isn't called "special" just like that. Each of the photos shown was given a name and was provided with a little phrase. Chose yourself whether they are funny, rather senseless, wonderful or else. But you shouldn't miss it.

Post-Title quoted from Lusy Gracia Quotes

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I got the photos! Can't wait to scan and upload them as soon as I'm home! So many nice shots, I guess I'll make a special :) woouh

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Where in land do I find my fairytale?

Dress: long vintage skirt draped with help of a satin ribbonn


Thursday, July 14, 2011

First Design Attempt

I spent some of the past days to try myself in designing something. Since I'm a beginner right now with the sewing machine I decided to decorate a white top i bought from H&M.

1. the concept 2. making tiny little black bows 3. everything pinned to the shirt 4. writing the signature

 So now that it's finished I'll show you how I would combine it. As only a few of you would know, I'm also as addicted to dancing as I'm addicted to all this. That's why...


PS: I found an old  analogue camera in the cupboard and shot a lot of photos with it. I'm getting the film developed right now and I can't wait to see them and also show a few to you!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I was in Venice lately and brought back a mask as a souvenir. People said it would fit perfectly on me and my character. Whatever they meant...

PS: Have you seen my sisterblog already? As said I wrote for it too and just posted my last post there. Maybe check it out, it's a wonderful photo.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hello and Welcome to!

I'm really glad you found here.
But I guess I should introduce myself first. I'm Anh Dinh a 15 year-old girl from Germany. This is me doing some kind of online diary based pretty much on my passions (fashion, inspiring things, photography, dancing and more).
Well tha.darlinh is a quite unusual name, don't you think?
So I'm gonna explain.
"tha" are the initials of all my prenames. "Darlinh" is a mix out of - guess what,haha -  the word "Darling" which I got inspired from Avril Lavigne's song Darlin' and my last name Dinh.

Soo I tried a logo. It definitely will change in time, but for now it's okay - i think.

Visit me again, I hope you'll enjoy my postings!